ThermoFisher Scientific Semiconductor Div

ThermoFisher Scientific ( former FEI and DCG System products), is the leading provider of faults localisation, diagnostic debug and characterization solutions for the global semiconductor industry

Fault Localization with lockin thermography: Elite Lite, Elite

Fault Localization with Emmission Microscopy and Laser Scanning Microscopy: Meridian S, Meridian IV, Meridian VII , Waferscan 

Design Debug: SLS/DLS, LVx Option: LVI, LVP, Phase LVI , LVT

NanoProbingnProber IV , Hyperion II

Circuit Edit: Centrios Family

SofwareNEXS software suite

Varioscale is the leader in scalable laser micromachining and novel metrology solutions. 


SiliconAccess – micro-machiningVarioMill

SEIWA Optical is a leading provider of optical solutions for FA lab semiconductor equipments, machine vision, optical microscope

Optics & Imaging :  Lenses, special IR lenses,   IR Microscope & Camera

Teseda’s testers allow its customers to speed silicon debug, manufacturing ramp, failure analysis, and yield learning.

TestersV550 DI Lab System, and software suite TWB & Diagnostic suite: Defect Isolator , Broken Scan Chain, Curve Tracer 

Nisene is the world leader in automated decapsulator technology and plastic etching

Package Opening/ Decapsulation with the JetEtch Pro Family :  Copper Protect, Total Protect;

Plasma decapsulation with the PlasmaEtch 

Focused Test designs, manufactures and supports a family of power discrete and analog IC ATE (Automatic Test Equipment). FTI partners with customers to offer targeted solutions that meet analog IC test requirements. Mosfet , GAN , SiC , Power devices .

Analog Testers : FTI 1000, FTI 3000, FTI 5000


AEM ( former MuTest)  offers a wide range of mixed signal ATE testers to address the Cost Of Test (COT) challenges faced by all the IC Semiconductor Companies.

Tester: M5S & M5S-HD (Structures) 

Can be populated with a wide range of instruments : 256 channels digital , mixed signal , VI, DPS

Light Ray is a German company focusing on laser solutions and support. They have developped this Fiber Laser platform based on customer specific request, and now offering its development as release product.

Light Ray Laser Decap: Decap 10, Decap 20

Insight offers systems in the field of non-destructive evaluation technology (NDE). In particular, Insight specialized on non-destructive analysis using Ultrasound technology: Scanning Acoustic Microscope.

Predictive Image, a non destructive analysis and diagnostic consultancy and services in the field of Acoustic Microscopy.

Scanning Acoustic Microscope: IS-202, IS-350