Design Debug

Probing your device for design & timing analysis

Enabling Timing analysis for 7 nm – adapting solution to your technology

Timing analysis enables design debug or failure analysis. Advanced probing requirements are :

  • Advanced resolution of the probe– to differentiate which gate is being probed

  • Advanced timing analysis, short raise time, large bandwidth – from just test sequence validation to the most advance rise time analysis

  • Advanced sensitivity – to adapt to the smallest Vdd

  • Advanced resolution for imaging & ease of use CAD navigation – to correlate accuratly probing and to the required design location

Laser Voltage Probing ( LVP) technology enables faster timing rise analysis (down to 10ps), lower voltage analysis.

In Addition, LVx option available Meridian family enable extending capability your current system with design debug solution.

Meridian Family supports full design debug capability with LVx option .

LVI : Laser Voltage Imaging

LVP : Laser Voltage Probing