Xray 3D tomography

High resolution & contrast for Denser, smaller package needs




3D High resolution needs for package

Xray is a standard solution for package analysis – enabling visualizing physical defects in package.

Many ‘difficult to diagnose’ FA problems become visible in 3D – eliminating tilt/ projection limits. Design shrinking and increase density is now requiring high resolution capabilities. Here are just a few of the many defects easily viewed with the MicroXCT:

  • Solder ball/bump voids and cracks
  • Die attach voids and delamination
  • Trace shorts and opens
  • Via cracks and opens
  • Wirebond shorts and opens
  • Solder reflow defects

Xray Technology reset is needed for new packages

Conventional Xray is being used for package analysis – providing 2D & low resolution 3D extension physical inspection capabilities.

New advanced package needs solution to tackle the highest density/ smallest defect/ with new technologies (like TSV).

Requirement for Package analysis is also to ensure highest resolution across package size. A reset from conventional Xray projection technique is required.


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